DBSoft is the pride and joy of DB Software Solutions, our flagship product and how the company began. It is the one-size-fits-all database software solution for any entrepreneur, be it a one-man show or a large company in need of serious performance on a large scale. The numerous software features we have put into DBSoft are ones that we researched and deemed necessary to streamline any growing business and save valuable time.

The first thing you’ll notice when you turn on DBSoft is it’s streamlined interface which is pleasant to look at and, more importantly, easy to use and efficient. Many database programs look generic and confuse users with cryptic menus and strange functions. DBSoft has done away with all that and designed something you’ll be able to intuitively use when selecting your sources. The interface allows you to manually connect the database to your sources with ease.

While pleasant visuals are nice, the real magic of DBSoft happens behind the scenes with its functionality and compatibility. It has all the necessary components needed like automatic backup, spreadsheet functionality, and source tracking and comparison, among others.

The most important part of any database program is keeping your data secure and doing so permanently. There is no sense in inputting all your data, sorting it accordingly, only to lose it all at the first sign of a power surge. DBSoft makes sure to keep everything safe for you with automatic backups.

In the event you might be worried about your valuable backups falling into the wrong hands, rest assured that all backups are encrypted for maximum security. Should any backup fall into the hands of your competitors, they will be looking at a jumbled mess and will have nothing to show for it.

In terms of compatibility, DBSoft was designed to easily hook into programs such as WordPress, Joomla, Monkey Server and others. One of the most common wastes of time in any business is resolving compatibility issues between a database program and the necessary sources needed to run that particular enterprise. Our program takes the guess work out of the process so that you can get back to what really counts in running your business.

DBSoft will allow your business to track the data from these sources with easy and compare the results of your searches. It can easily track the data from three sources in real-time on a single database file. Your comparison results are delivered quickly and are always up-to-date. Our engineers are constantly working to improve DBSoft and we aim to increase the amount of real-time tracked sources in the future for an even more efficient solution to your business needs.

Spreadsheets and database programs are a natural pair and our designers knew this from the moment they began to write the coding for DBSoft. The results are spreadsheet functionality that works with no issues. You will be able to import and export the files you need and keep your data neatly ordered.

Since most businesses need to keep track of certain variables, it was very important to include this feature in DBSoft. The program will track any variable you need it to track for a host of different applications. For instance, it can track how often a user visited your site in a period of time, or how many times an ad on your website has been clicked.

DBSoft can even be used in creative ways for applications like contests, where it can randomly select a variable from a list. To expand on this even further, any list can be imported into the program and any data set created in DBSoft can be exported as a list in case you need to use it elsewhere.