The success and versatility of DBSoft made our company realize that we could further help our customers achieve success if we offered hosting directly. DBSoft will work with any hosting service, but how better to insure seamless compatibility and world-class customer service than to host your site ourselves?

With all of DBSoft’s features in mind, we created a hosting service that will really fit your needs and allow you to keep your business running efficiently and securely from one easy to access location. To keep rates competitive and give you everything you need to succeed, we tailor our hosting service with all the necessary safeguards and options you will ever need.

Different businesses need different amounts of space online. Instead of fussing over how much space each business will require and adjusting price points based on that, we have decided to give every one of our customers a whole terabyte of storage space, to do so as you please. A terabyte of storage will hold a great deal of information, which your business should find more than adequate.

Being able to host your entire site with room to spare is important, but what’s even more important is keeping all that information safe from malicious attacks. Your website needs to be up for your business to make money. Should hackers ever try to overwhelm your website with a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS), they’ll be hard pressed to succeed, since our hosting service comes with DDoS protection.

In addition to security, your website and business will need to communicate with potential and existing clients. Hosting with our company will provide you with a state-of-the-art email service. Communication is key to building trust and relationships with customers. You need to be able to address any concerns your clients have and answer their important questions.

Our database program, DBSoft, is integrated into the hosting service and at your disposal. You will find it an extremely valuable tool that saves you time and money. It was designed to streamline the grunt work every business needs to do to gather data and analyze it.

For your convenience, back-end access is included with the hosting plan. Should you be interested in hosting with our company, we request that you contact us as soon as possible as space to participate is limited and customers are accepted on a first come, first served basis. The price is competitive and the features far outweigh the cost.